Free Download Media Player

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema

A free downloadable software licensed and governed under the terms of GNU GPL (General Public License) that supports a lot of media formats for a maximum video experience. This software plays almost all versions of DVD's and Blu-rays. Unlike its predecessor, MPC-HM is well loved by many because of its great and advanced features, its look is simple yet it delivers impressive functions that most advanced users will enjoy.

Smart Freeware with Impressive Qualities

Free Software

Media Player Classic-Home Cinema guarantees all its users that this software is free to use, share it with others, and even modify it for it uses copyleft to make sure that the user’s have freedom to use this player is preserved despite any upgrade or changes.

Playback Support

With the right kind of TV tuner used or installed in the users television, using Media Player Classic - Home Cinema can definitely have a playback function as well as recording. It is important that users install the right tuner so that the television will receive signal from their computer effectively.

Clean Interface

From the looks of it, Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is really easy and simple to use. Users can install the software without having the need to go through a lot of process and once installed, users can just quickly launch the software.

Format Support

MCP-HC is capable of playing different types of media format ranging from VCD, DVD, as well as SVCD. Because this software comes with an improve and new MPEG splitter, now the Media Player Classic - Home Cinema can do VCD and SVCD playback.

Diverse Language Support

Media Player Classic -Home Cinema has the ability to translate languages. Interested users around the world can now use this software for it can translate the following; English, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, German and a lot more.

Diverse Platform Support

This software supports different types of platform. Windows XP and Vista users and Windows 7 and 8 users can now download, install and run this in their computer.

Classic Player with Modern Integrated Features

Download and Installation

Media Player Classic is a great software if you want to experience watching a video in its simplest form yet with tons of features to use. This software enables playback and recording once the right TV tuner is installed in ones television, it allows user to play different types of media format with subtitles and translations. Downloading and installing such player is easy and fast.